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Established in 2009, Mountain Helicopter Pvt. Ltd. stands as a dependable provider of comprehensive helicopter services in Nepal. Specializing in rescue operations and helicopter evacuations, the company is dedicated to ensuring the safety and cost-effectiveness of its services, benefiting both international and domestic travelers.

Mountain Helicopters is a distinguished helicopter company in Nepal, recognized for its exceptional services in tourism, medical evacuations, rescue operations, and more. Established with a focus on safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Mountain Helicopters has established itself as a leading name in Nepal's aviation industry.

Mountain Helicopters operates a well-equipped fleet of aircraft from the Ecureuil family, including the AS 350 B2 (2002 model), AS 350 B3e (2012 model), and EC 130 B4 (2002 model), all manufactured by Eurocopter, France, a renowned global leader in helicopter production for civil and military applications.

Backed by an experienced team of pilots, engineers, and other professionals in the field, Mountain Helicopter instills confidence and reliability in its operations. Whether it's safe and comfortable helicopter tour packages, charter flights, mountain sightseeing, or religious site tours in Nepal, the company based in Kathmandu ensures memorable experiences for its clients.

Helicopters Details:


No. of Helicopters: 1


From 2011 the AS350 B3’s capabilities were further enhanced through the AS350 B3e, equipped with the new Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine , next-generation dual digital engine control system (FADEC) and engine data recorder (EDR). Offering faster cruise speeds and improved tail rotor controls. The powerful, high performance AS350 B3e is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make the AS350 B3e the leader in its class.



Key Features:


•    Spacious cabin with panoramic view ensures comfort and optimum visibility

•    Quick and easy reconfiguration for all types of mission

•    Maximum altitude: upto 23,000 ft (7010 m)

•    Passenger Capacity: 6 passengers, 1 stretcher patient + 2 passengers

•    Maximum takeoff weight: 2, 250 kg

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