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About Simrik Air

Simrik Air is undoubtedly one of the oldest helicopter service providers in Nepal. Established in 2001, this airline holds the highest number of high-altitude rescues and some advanced helicopters in Nepal for the first time.

Like other helicopter service providers, Simrik Air offers a broader range of fleet services on any given day. It provides adventure helicopter flights, one-day helicopter tours, pilgrimage, and religious tours, long-line rescue and sling operations, high-altitude aerial photography and videography, corporate chartered flights, and the heli-ski on the Himalayas.

Fleets and types

Simrik Air is also home to a large number of helicopters, four. The three helicopters belong to Airbus H125 and introduced Bell 407 GXP helicopters in the country. These birds are hugely praised for their comfort, performance, speed, and spacious cabin for more expansive accommodation. On top, these helicopters can operate in any given weather conditions.

The Simrik Air fleets in AS 350B3e are 9N-ALP, 9N-AKD, and 9N-AJZ. Bell GXP includes 9N-ALT as the model name.

Veteran Team on Board and Crew

Simrik Air's name and success come from its highly experienced crews, managers, engineers, and others. Capt. Rameshwor Thapa, the veteran Nepali pilot and Captain, leads the company. He also has more than 10 thousand flight times in his name, thanks to his dedication and hard work serving on the Himalayas in every treacherous weather condition.

Other captains of Simrik Air include Siddhartha J Gurung, Surendra Paudel, Stefen Smuts, Matteo Porrera, and others. These captains are well-trained for Cargo Sling and SAR Operations. Also, Simrik Air has been supporting various cases like medical evacuations, fire fighting with water buckets, and more.

This shows that Simrik Air delivers premium helicopter services and experiences in Nepali airspace.

Simrik Air Fleets- Technical Aspect

Simrik Air has three Airbus H125 helicopters and one Bell 470GPX helicopter. The technical aspects of these helicopters are as stated below.

AS 350B3e Helicocpter’s features

  • Make and Model: AS 350 B3e
  • Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters
  • Date of Manufacture: 2014
  • Call Sign: 9N-AJZ
  • Engine and HorsePower: Arriel 2D MTOP: 860 SHP MCP: 739 SHP
  • Empty Weight: 1320 Kg
  • Internal Weight: 2250 Kg
  • External Weight: 2,800 Kg
  • Service Ceiling: 23,000 ft.
  • Seat Capacity: 5+1 / 4+2

Bell 407GXP Helicopter’s technical features

  • Make & Model: Bell 407GXP
  • Manufacturer: Bell Textron Canada
  • Date of Manufacture: 2015
  • Call Sign: 9N-ALT
  • Engine and HorsePower: M250-C47B/8 813 SHP
  • Empty Weight: 1221 Kg
  • Internal Weight: 2268 kg
  • External Weight: 2,722 Kg
  • Service Ceiling: 20,000 ft.
  • Seat Capacity: 6+1 / 5+2


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